After a string of successful remixes for artists including Bruno Mars and Flo Rida, Swedish DJ/Producer John De Sohn (Björn Johnsson) first broke into the international music scene in 2012 with his debut single 'Long Time' which became a worldwide hit that positioned John De Sohn as an established name on the Swedish Dance music scene. John De Sohn’s catalogue has over 200 million streams to date and includes tracks like ”Dance Our Tears Away”, ”Under The Sun” and Hum With Me”. Last summer’s smash ”Forever Young” was one of the most played songs on Swedish radio 2018.

Björn Johnson, a.k.a John De Sohn, started out as a bedroom producer and DJ in his native Ystad, Sweden. Drawing inspiration from electronic music artists like Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, and The Chemical Brothers, Björn’s parents encouraged him at an early age to follow his passion for music. Björn became involved in the Stockholm club scene, and soon found himself as the resident DJ for some of the biggest clubs in Sweden. As he cemented his place in Sweden’s burgeoning dance music scene, Björn began to produce his own original material and DJ under the name John De Sohn.

A selection of releases

  • You Only Love Me

  • Wild Roses

  • Dance Our Tears Away

  • Under the Sun

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